Children's business fairs are often the spark that gets kids thinking about what's possible. Interested in creating a food based business, these young entrepreneurs started Lovebites and Smoothies, offering great tasting healthy food. The key insight was finding their markets and planning ahead. Come listen to all the amazing things these two kids learned by starting a business.

An already seasoned entrepreneur at 12, Fen has successfully grown his artisan soap business from children's business fairs to an online store. Finding his niche in the handmade soap industry has allowed him to bring his unique approach to colors and shapes that you won't find anywhere else. Fenley is a keen observer of customer buying behavior and has successfully scaled his business to include larger orders. 

Have you heard about the bean-to-bar movement? Realizing there is no possibility of stumbling across a cacao tree where they live, these two brothers wanted to help kids to connect the dots. Aaron and Jonah's Chocolate Education Kit teaches not only how to take a cacao pod and transform it into a delectable treat, but about the history of chocolate and about the chocolate industry.

Would you like be a millionaire before you turn 25? It seems like a pipe dream but my guest Cody McLain did just that. I don't typically interview adults, but Cody's story begs to have that rule broken having started his first business at 15. After the death of his parents and suddenly finding himself in foster care, Cody forged his own path for success. Still under 30, Cody has founded 3 multi-million dollar companies. His story is so inspiring I just had to bring his voice to the conversation.


When their grade 5/6 teacher asked them "to create an idea that would change the world", Kayla, Keagan and Ashley felt what was missing was a safe way for kids to fund their businesses. That was the beginning of Kid Everest, the world's very first crowdfunding platform meant just for kids. Hoping to inspire more young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams these sisters aim to "build an empire"!


Isabel is a serial entrepreneur! She can see an business idea in everything and has tested several over the last few years. She started with bird feeders and scented pillows and moved onto dog and cat treats. Her latest venture "Kitty Buddy Business" is a cat sitting and care business. She has keen a understanding of customer behavior and applies her selling experience to every new opportunity.

Neko is the creator of a magazine, or zine, for kids and teens! Already an artist selling her drawings, she was inspired by her mother's childhood experience creating zines and thought she'd give it a try. And not surprising it was a huge success. Neko authors, designs, illustrates, prints and distributes her publication entirely herself. At first for subscription and now for sale at a local news stand that supports independent publishers. Neko's Zine covers seasonal topics four times a year sharing her love of drawing and great stories with the world, while making a little money too.

Altey is The Soda Kid! His business exchanges refilled kitchen soda machine canisters and has more than doubled since he started at nine years old in 2018. Atley's venture is also a social enterprise, donating a portion of every sale to the local food bank. His goal is to raise $2000 in 2020. Let's see if we can get him there!

Bright young entrepreneur and talented artist, Samantha, talks about how her Asperger's Syndrome is her artistic superpower. Listen to her perspective on starting a business from her very unique point of view.

Calvin combined his love of art with his constant need for organization and created a two separate businesses that sold out! Customer service and adding value were a key driver in developing the perfect product. Calvin now has good insight on the difference between up front costs versus investment of time.

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